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Electronic Diesel Remote Throttle Interface System
We are introducing a new system that will allow you to make your interfacing of the Boom Crane to the truck chassis effortless. It’s theory is based on the “Plug and Play” method of installation. All the components plug into each other which makes interface a breeze, plus it will standardize all of your installations. This system features complete instructions on how to interface your remote throttles to any of the electronic diesel engine that you may encounter. It also has a remote engine stop, engine start, chassis horn, and controls the power circuit to your crane.

The system consists of six sections:
1) EDRT- Remote Throttle Control Module
2) Main Harness
3) Truck/Chassis Harness
4) ECM Harness
5) Starter Neutral Safety Harness
6) Electronic Remote Throttle Systems
About the sections:
1) EDRT Remote Throttle Control Module: This is the Heart of the system, it takes all the inputs from the dash and console switches and controls various outputs. The module is weatherproof and very reliable. (CLICK TO SEE IMAGE)

2) Main Harness: Consists of five separate harnesses that meet in a 16 pin connector that connects to the EDRT. One of the harnesses connects to the remote throttle sensor whether it be a cable system (RECT) with a electronic throttle position sensor, a electronic air throttle system (REACT) or to the electronic throttle pedals system (EDRT Switching Module). One harness interfaces with the crane console, another harness will determine what type of input that the engine will receive (positive or negative). One will be used when a radio remote system is added. The last harness is used to connect to the Truck/Chassis harness and ECM harness.

3) Truck/Chassis Harness: This harness is used to interface with the truck cab. It connects to a two position Truck/Crane Switch and an Indicator Light in which you mount in the dash of the truck (Optional bracket available). The switch and light are supplied with the harness assembly. When the switch is in the crane position it allows all the functions of the crane to work even the remote throttle control, but if the switched to the truck position all functions are turn off. This switch can also be used to turn on the PTO system. With this system there is no more running down the road with the crane powered on and with the all other functions operational. A great safety feature.

4) ECM Harness: This harness is used to interface with the engine’s ECM. Installation of this harness is explained in our installation manual which covers all the electronic diesel engines that you may encounter. The manual will show you which connector that the harness is connected too and comes with the proper pins for the ECM connector.

5) Starter Neutral Safety Harness: This harness is used to connect to Start circuit of the truck. It also includes a neutral safety switch to prevents the starting of the engine when the transmission is in gear.

6) Electronic Remote Throttle Systems: There are three ways to control the remote electronic engine rpm. You can use foot pedal(s) air valve or a hand air valve to send varying air pressure to the our REACT system. There are foot pedal cable system or hand cable system that you would control the engine rpm through the RECT system. The third way is to use electronic foot pedals to send signals to the EDRT Switching Module.

This system will revolutionize your boom crane installation. It standardizes your interfacing of your crane to your truck chassis. This system follows the guide lines laid out by the engine and truck manufactures. It is well supported and is kept updated through our website. This is the option of the future.

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Choose one product from each number and this will give you your cost for the system.
  P/N Description Price in USD* Price in CDN
1 EDR200 EDRT Control System with Diagnostic Lights $315.00 $315.00
2 EDR202 EDRT Main Truck/Crane Harness $223.65 $223.65
3 EDR203 Standard Truck/Chassis Harness $110.25 $110.25
4a ECM100 Caterpillar ECM Harness $19.00 $19.00
4b ECM200 Cummins ECM Harness $19.00 $19.00
4c ECM300 Detroit ECM Harness $19.00 $19.00
4d ECM400 Mack ECM Harness $36.75 $36.75
4e ECM500 Volvo ECM Harness $36.75 $36.75
4f ECM600 Mercedes-Benz ECM Harness $36.75 $36.75
4g ECM700 International ECM Harness $19.00 $19.00
5a RNS100 Remote Neutral Start Harness Asy. $30.00 $30.00
5b RNS101 Remote Neutral Start Harness (Metric) $30.00 $30.00
Air Controlled Throttle Systems
6a REACT11 REACT System for a Caterpillar Engine & Plate $900.00 $900.00
6b REACT12 REACT System for a Cummins, International, Mack, Mercedes-Benz & Plate
$900.00 $900.00
6c REACT13

REACT System for a Detroit Eng. & Plate $900.00 $900.00
6d REACT14 REACT System for a Volvo Eng. & Plate $900.00 $900.00
Cable Controlled Throttle Systems
6e RECT11 RECT System for a Caterpillar Engine & Plate $680.00 $680.00
6f RECT12 RECT System for a Cummins,
International, Mack, Mercedes-Benz
& Plate
$680.00 $680.00
6g RECT13 REACT System for a Detroit Eng. & Plate $680.00 $680.00
6h RECT14 REACT System for a Volvo Eng. & Plate $680.00 $$680.00
EDRT Switching Modules
6i EDRT01 EDRT Switching Module for Caterpillar Sensors

$275.00 $275.00
6j EDRT02 EDRT Switching Module for Cummins, Volvo, International, Mack, Mercedes-Benz $275.00 $275.00
6k EDRT03 EDRT Switching Module for Detroit $275.00 $275.00
* U.S. Pricing based on a 1.2% Exchange Rate.

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