• PCC101 - Power Choice
This is a newly developed product to take care of your Keyswitch and Battery power needs when you are installing your product(s).
Supply battery power and ground to the Power Choice module and it will convert Battery power to Keyswitch power with a 80 amp relay.

The Power Choice has 5 different fused power outputs that can be fused up to 15 amp each, the maximum total output for the 5 lines is 50 amps. There are also 6 battery ground outputs that are available. These 5 power and 6 grounds come out to a 12 pin Deutsch connector. The battery power and ground connections can handle up to a 8 gauge wire to allow a 50 amp delivery. The dimensions are 5.5" X 3.5" X 2.25"

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PCC101 - Power Choice

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