• EDRJ100 - EDR 1 J1939 Engine and PTO Control Module

RPM Control Co. has developed the EDRJ100 to control the engine RPM in the simplest manner possible. This was accomplished by utilizing the J1939, the electronic engine communication highway. Most engines today are using the J1939 to create communication to engine and other modules that are connected to this.
 The EDRJ100 has the capability to control the engine RPM, giving you three different set RPM’s and a variable RPM (Increase/Decrease). The great feature of this module is that the engine ECM does not need to be programmed for the EDRJ100 to work.

The programming is done through software that communicates with the EDRJ100. The software is used to program the max RPM, the three set RPM speeds. We have also added three different interlocks that can be turned on or off, they monitor whether the vehicle is in neutral, if the parking brake is applied and if there is any road speed. This information has to be on the J1939 to be able to utilize these features. A PTO safety features is included in the EDRJ100, which protects your PTO from being run at a RPM that is above the rated speed.  The software is used to program the maximum kick out speed and re engagement of the PTO. 

Basic Features: Three Set RPM Speeds, Variable RPM (Increase/Decrease), PTO Protection, Engine Start, Engine Shutdown.

Additional Features: Road speed Limiting, Engine Starting, Engine Shutdown, Throttle Inhibit, Throttle Limitation, Auto Neutral Output, and Engine Running Output.

The Features can be Customized to whatever your application needs.

The Software can be purchased.

The EDRJ100 works on most J1939 electronic engine, such as Cummins, Detroit, Mack, Caterpillar, Max Force Big Bore, Volvo, Paccar and most J1939 engines.

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EDRJ100 - EDR 1 J1939 Engine and PTO Control Module

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